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Intelligence Squared Debate - Is Catholic church a force for good in the world? (Nov 2009)

CNN Lou Dobbs - UN Wants to Regulate Free Speech (Feb 2009)

ABC News - The Rise of Atheism (Jan 2009)

Connecticut Forum - God: What difference does it make? (Jan 2009)

Larry King Live with Paula Begala on Clinton as Sec. of State (Nov 2008)

Hitchens on Hardball with Chris Matthews on Hilary Clinton as Sec. of State (Nov 2008)

Christopher Hitchens with Laura Ingraham on voting for Obama (Oct 2008)

Watch Christopher Hitchens get waterboarded (August 2008)

Hitchens on the 2008 election with Lateline's Tony Jones (April 2008)

Tim Russert with Guests Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan (April 05 2008)

Christopher Hitchens vs. Peter Hitchens (April 2008)

Hitchens on Barack Obama and race in the 2008 elections (Jan 2008)

The Four Horseman: Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennett, and Harris Hour 1 (Google Video)

The Four Horseman: Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennett, and Harris Hour 2 (Google Video)

Christopher Hitchens on MSNBC Morning Joe Dec 03 2007

Christopher Hitchens discusses Mitt Romney's Religion with Neil Cavuto Nov 2007

Christopher Hitchens on Saul Below BookTV Oct 24 2007

Christopher Hitchens and Tom Delay at the 2007 Hill Book Fair

Christopher Hitchens speaks at the Freedom From Religion Foundation Convention Oct 10, 2007

Hitchens on NPR discussing death of soldier in Iraq Mark Daily (audio) October 8 2007

Hardball: Christopher Hitchens on Princess Diana: 10 Years Later

ABC Lateline: Christopher Hitchens on the Patraeus Report - September 2007

Authors@Google: Christopher Hitchens - August 16, 2007

Book TV In Depth: Christopher Hitchens - September 02, 2007

Debating the existance of God on Hannity & Colmes May 2007

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